Silk Roads Consulting

Information Technology & Business Intelligence

Information Technology Assessment

  • Information Technology is a key ingredient in any business, so leveraging the right digital tools is a part of your business strategy. Whether you are executing against an existing strategic plan, needing a benchmark from a third party, or needing a health assessment to get ready for a business sale, the Assessment will be useful.
  • We will deliver an assessment report that will include a review of your current, hardware, network design, software implementations, IT technical team design and processes, cybersecurity current state, and data ecosystem. An Assessment Report will be generated that covers current state and will highlight any immediate, mid, and long-term actions needed.
  • Initial assessment and scoping: $500 USD

Business Intelligence Discovery

  • Our businesses are generating data continuously. Knowing how to leverage your data to answer your key business questions will give you the competitive edge.
  • A Business Intelligence Discovery includes:
    ► A review of your current business performance measures.
    ► If you do not have measures you rely on to steer your business, then we will work together to review your business plan and discover the key business questions that need answers.
    ► If the data to answer your questions is available, then we will build the Key Performance
    Indicators (KPI). If not, we will assess data sources and build a plan to build the KPIs.
    ► Once the KPIs have been built, we will make sure they are visible to all the decision-makers in the business through dashboards and/or reporting.
  • Start with 6 sessions over 3 months, 1 session every 2 weeks.
  • Typical engagement: $1,000 USD